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The Seattle Baby Whisperer is an integrative, holistic sleep consultant providing help, education, and guidance to support families in learning how to best help their new little one sleep...and sleep well. Its important to know that sleep isn't just about sleep!  In working with The Seattle Baby Whisperer, you'll learn the 5 key elements to helping your baby sleep, while learning how to "teach" your baby healthy sleep habits. When working with The Seattle Baby Whisperer, you will learn about no-cry sleep methods, low-cry methods, and other types of sleep conditioning!

Sleep Consultations

We all want and need sleep, especially new parents. Sleep is so beneficial to babies and yet, most are not getting the sleep they so desperately need. A baby should learn healthy sleep habits that will help them as they grow. A sleep consultation can help parents understand why their baby isn't sleeping and how best to help their baby, while learning about techniques and evidence-based methods to work towards your family's personal sleep goals. It's important to understand that every baby is different and every baby has a different temperament, meaning you will receive a custom sleep plan based on your baby's individual needs. A sleep consultation is completed in the home, where we will go over your questionnaire, discuss the best steps to take, and within 48 hours, your family will receive a customized sleep plan. Included in the sleep plan:

  • A 90 minute home visit
  • One 30 minute phone call a few days after your family implements the sleep plan.
  • Email support for up to 4 weeks (1-3 emails per week). *Its important to note that every baby has its own temperament and while a sleep plan usually takes 2-4 weeks, you will not be charged for email support if we go over 4 weeks, as its important that your baby's sleep goals are met. 
  • If you are not in the Seattle or surrounding area, we can discuss an option that includes extra phone support.
  • $425 sleep consultation package

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More Sleep Consulting Options

Fussy Baby Help

Sometimes, you may be dealing with an inconsolable infant, fussy, hard to feed or put down, and it may be time to ask for a little help. The Seattle Baby Whisperer will come to your home and spend about 4 hours with you, to help determine what we can do to help your little one. In that four hours, we will talk, troubleshoot, and discuss techniques that can be helpful. The consult includes:

  • A four hour in-home consult
  • One 30 minute follow-up phone call
  • Two weeks of email support to answer and help with concerns, issues, etc.
  • $575 fussy baby help consultation

 In-home overnight sleep teaching

Some parents may struggle with the overnights when implementing the sleep plan and find having a consultant come in to help complete the family's sleep goals, to be very helpful, especially for parents who have long work days. Once the parents have worked on their sleep plan and optimized their sleep goals to the best of their ability, The Seattle Baby Whisperer will allow parents to not only sleep through the night, but can offer a much needed date night if requested. With this plan, parents receive:

  • Their customized sleep plan as explained above.
  • 1-3 overnights (if more are needed, we will work out how best to do so, as every baby's temperament is different). 10 hours a night is included in the nightly rate; extra hours can be added at a hourly rate.
  • $425 for customized sleep plan and $450/nightly rate

Phone Support and Simple Sleep Consults

Not everyone needs a full sleep plan. Sometimes you only have some questions or need advice on how to handle a certain situation. This is why I offer both phone support and simple sleep consults:

  • 30 minute phone call, $45
  • Simple sleep consult: In-home $175; Phone consult $125. Consult is typically 60-90 minutes.



"My 4-month-old had gone from being a pretty consistently good sleeper to backsliding into waking every 2 hours.  Amber came in and took over.  She made very helpful suggestions about her sleeping environment and got all of the adults in Mia's life on the same page - and Mia on a good schedule.  In a few weeks, Amber had Mia sleeping 12 hours a night and more importantly, taught Mia the very important lesson of how to soothe herself.  Now Mia is such a delight.  Not only is she a great sleeper (even traveling), but she can also keep herself entertained for good stretches which has been amazing to watch.  I wish I knew Amber for my other 3 kids.  She is truly amazing." - Mia's mom