Parent Education

 Newborn Support Session: 

Did you know, there are steps you can take with your newborn to start teaching healthy sleep habits from the very beginning? We will meet in your home and discuss important concepts that can help set up your baby and you for successful sleep as baby grows! We will go over key sleep concepts, the science of newborn sleep, how to begin teaching healthy sleep habits, and how to easily implement them into your daily life. You'll learn how to swaddle, learn techniques to soothe a crying baby, and learn how to best get through each day. This consult is typically two hours and you'll feel more confident, more educated, and more prepared to help your new little bundle of joy begin to sleep and sleep well.  Included in this consultation:

  • A two hour home visit
  • One 15 minute phone call when needed to answer any follow-up questions
  • 1-3 short emails when needed to continue helping you with healthy sleep habits
  • $325 healthy sleep habits package


Parent education:

Let's face it. There are times when dealing with your toddler or older child is difficult; every child is different and what works for one parent definitely won't work for you and your child. And as a parent, it can be hard to know how or what to do when dealing with a challenging behavioral issue, say fighting bedtime, running away from a parent causing serious safety issues; the list goes on. Bringing in a parent consultant to help you deal with the issue and help you better understand your child can bring such value to your home and its happiness. Set up your consultation today!


Your parent education consultation includes:

  • -A 90 minute in-home consultation, which includes a formal plan emailed within 48 hours of your consult
  • -One thirty minute phone call within a few days to go over everything you have implemented
  • -Email support up to 4 weeks after implementation
  • -$475