Newborn Care Specialist


Bringing a new baby home is both exhilarating and exhausting! A newborn care specialist (NCS) typically works overnight to give parents some time to sleep and recharge, while providing peace of mind, expertise, and integrative care, nurturing your baby while you are able to rest. 

Booking can entail as many nights as you would like over the course of a few weeks or you can book just a few nights if say, a partner is out of town, a parent is getting over an illness, etc. We are also able to work shifts during the day; whichever best fits your family’s needs.

The Seattle Baby Whisperer is now the Director of Postpartum Services at Annie’s Nannies! Booking your NCS will be a seamless process and you will have every confidence that our NCS’s are educated, experienced, responsible, trustworthy, and reliable. Email or call  (206) 784 – 8462 to start your process in finding the best NCS for your family’s needs!

Did you know that Annie’s Nannies is not only great at Newborn Care placement, but they also have a full menu of services from hiring Nannies to Household Support –placing long-term to short-term and on-call! Send ANI a message today and find out how we can best help you with your family’s childcare and household needs.  Contact Annie's Nannies.